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For all non-horsey folks, this part is boringCollapse )

In other news, I spent today trying to find the reputed Calontir equestrian practice, about which I've been in contact a couple of times with the woman who runs it. I only managed to drive around the hinterlands of the Flint Hills for nearly six hours, and finally arrive at her place with approximately ten minutes to introduce myself before leaving to get home for Mason's birthday dinner (at which point I got lost for the fourth time.) It's just as well the practice today was canceled for rain I suppose.

Also, being in Tucson for the wedding was wonderful, and also gave me the chance to finally consolidate all of my material possessions in one state for the first time in quite a while. When Trav arrived a little over a week ago, the move was pretty much complete. I live in KS now, on paper and in all practical senses, though it still feels very weird to say.

Work as a phone monkey continues to be spectacularly tedious and reach new heights of monotony, but I'm currently playing for all I'm worth at a promotion to the Client Relations department. They're desperately understaffed, and it would be a relatively huge pay increase (like on the order of 45%.) It's probably hellaciously stressful and would suck royally, but it would help financially, and it would look much better on a resume, so it's probably worthwhile. The only other real potential option right now is a position at KU that's opened up in the department run by a friend of Justin's. The problem with that one, though, is that it's roughly comparable pay (better benes), and is only a secretarial position, so doesn't really "advance" me much, unless it's just inherently better to be at KU.

Other than that, I'm still working a lot, but doing much better at balancing a realistic (50 hr/wk) schedule with the bliss of finally getting to ride again (Can you believe I hadn't been on a horse since mid-July?!?!) And of course, having my wonderful man around is phenomenal. I can't think of any way I'd rather have this set up, even if it might have been risky to move in with so little history, it's worked out better than I ever could have hoped.
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but I wanted to jump on the 50 Book Challenge 09 Bandwagon, with avilina. I'm also feeling inspired by that rather droll, yet depressing article she posted a few days ago. In that light, I've finished my first book of 09, and hope to make a better showing than I did in 08 with my depressing dozen or so completed.

1) Age of Chivalry: Art and Society in Late Medieval England - Nigel Saul (ed.)

Currently working on some Robert Louis Stevenson stuff, and the Oxford Atlas of the Medieval World.

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Memes go under cutsCollapse )

On the whole, I'm not surprised, and I think the analysis paragraph is spot on, at least up through 'They enjoy learning'. However, I think it couldn't be much more wrong thereafter so... Huh....
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Hey folks. Most of this won't interest anyone, and for the most part it was just an exercise to get me thinking more linearly and making the concrete connections between ideas that I'll have to have to be able to squeeze a paper from my random musings. However, if anyone has the time and the inclination, it would help me quite a bit to see if this particular description of what I want to do makes sense to anyone. In particular, I'm looking for input from people who haven't been reading the jargon all summer (like myself) to see if it's clearly presented, etc. It's only about 1100 words (a tenth of the final project,) if you're interested. It would help me. Thanks :)

Dissertation directions atmCollapse )
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I knew I'd put on weight. Like serious, shameful, nigh-on-disgusting, it's-only-been-8-months, that-takes-effort put on weight. Still didn't expect to split my favourite trousers. On the seat. Just walking around town. Damn my lack of discipline!
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B8) Anne McCaffrey. "Dragonquest." (Reading, Berkshire: Cox & Wyman Ltd. Corgi Edition, 1982)
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B7) Anne McCaffrey. "Dragonflight: The First Chronicle of Pern." (Cox and Wyman: Reading, Berkshire, 1970)
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